• Limestone Floor Cleaning Plymouth

    We deep cleaning and protect limestone flooring through out Devon and Cornwall. We also clean and protect all other natural stone flooring including tile and grout floors and walls.

    Stone flooring can be damaged by everyday useage and accidental spillages. With our cleaning service your floor will get a deep cleaning of not just the stone tiles but also the groutingas this holds onto alot of the staining.

    Once the floor is full cleaned removing as many stains and all the dirt and grime. The floor is then treated with our impregnator which protects the stone from accidental spillages becoming permanent staining.



  • Cleaning A Stone Patio Plymouth

    How we dealt with rust on an exterior stone patio

    What the job was.

    We were called out to a property in Plymouth to help the owners tackle a problem they had with their exterior stone patio.

    What cause the damage to the stone.

    The patio is open to the elements of the sea, being right on the front of the Hoe. They have patio furniture that had left terrible patches of rust on the tile floor due to heavy rain, flooding and the salt water.

    The cleaning process.

    We gave the area a good deep cleaning with our specialist rust removing cleaning solution, which is designed to draw the rust out of the stone. Once we gave it its first deep clean we gave it a second clean, rinsing away all the cleaning solution and dirt and grime.

    Protecting the stone.

    After the cleaning process, to ensure that the same damage did not occur again, we impregnated the stone. This impregnation soaks into the stone and protecting the stone deep down. If this problem was to happen again then the rust would not have a chance to soak its way into the stone. Preventing a lot of damage.

    The final results.

    As a result of our deep cleaning and impregnating of the area the results came out great. Have a look at the photos and see for yourself.


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  • Cleaning Slate Flooring In Devon

    Cleaning slate flooring can be very rewarding. We clean all slate from newly laid slate in modern houses to very old slate flooring in cottages.

    We recently restored a 400 year old slate floor in an old barn that had been converted into a house. It was Cornish slate and the area was made up of large and thick slabs of slate that had not been cleaned for many years.

    We started by cleaning the grout lines and then deep cleaning the tiles. All the grime and dirt came up and the grout lines looked at good as they day it was laid. As you can see by the photos the difference from the before and after photos is vast.

    We also recently cleaned slate flooring in a modern house. The area was a kitchen and dining room leading out into a hallway. We clean new slate flooring in the same way we clean old slate flooring.

    Have a look at the following photos and if you have any slate flooring that needs a bit of TLC you know where to find us.

    Thanks for reading my blog today

    Andi Hill



  • Cleaning Limestone Floors in Dartmouth

    Cleaning Limestone flooring after a water leak from a burst pipe.

    We were called to a property in Dittisham near Dartmouth in South Devon to clean up after a flooded limestone flooring.

    Here is how we tackled the job.

    1. Drying out process

    2. Deep clean

    3. Impregnation

    The first step was to fully dry out the stone and the floor underneath first before any cleaning could happen. Our drying equipment was in the property drying for a total of 5 weeks. The equipment that was used to carry out this work was specialist dehumidifiers, airmovers and heaters.

    We returned to the property several times over the drying period to monitor how well the floor was drying out.

    The second step for this job was the deep clean. For this we used our specialist chosen natural stone cleaning solution. This solution breaks down all the dirt and grime that was covering the flooring. As you can see from the photos it was a big area covering the kitchen, dining room and hallway. We were also tasked with cleaning and protecting the outside limestone.

    Cleaning outside stone we use the same principle as cleaning internal stone. We can clean and protect your exterior stone to help prevent build up of dirt and moss all year round.

    We used specialist grout brushes to get all the dirt and grime out of the grout lines, helping to restore them back to white.

    The final process was to impregnate the stone with our impregnation solution. This is a very important step in professional stone restoration. The solution soaks into the stone allowing the stone to breathe while still offering a fantastic protection against staining and accidental spillages.

    This is the three steps we take when undertaking any natural stone cleaning project that have been affected by either a burst water pipe where the water is clean. Or a sewage water flood where it has flooded due to natural causes or from an overflowing toilet, for example.

    Thanks for reading

    Andi Hill


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  • Natural Stone Flooring In Your Home

    Natural stone in your home is such a beautiful addition, whether its on the floor, wall, fireplace or worktop surfaces. Like with anything though it needs to be cared for and looked after properly.

    The main thing that upsets me is improper cleaning and maintenance of stone in the home. A lot of products you buy off the shelf are damaging to your stone. Also improper installation of stone can have a huge affect on the final finish and over use of the stone surface.

    We always recommend having your stone impregnated before the tiles/surfaces are installed ( before grouting is carried out) and then we recommend that they are impregnated after the floor is installed.

    This will stop any staining or dirt affecting the overall finish the surface. Sometimes these damages done during installation are irreversible when it comes to cleaning.

    Why is impregnation important?

    Impregnation is very important for natural stone surfaces. Impregnation, unlike a seal, soaks into the stone tile which enables the stone to still breath. A seal is a layer that sits on top of the stone and does not let the stone naturally breathe. The seal will wear out quicker and the area will need to be stripped and re-sealed more often then with an impregnated surface.

    How do we clean natural stone flooring?

    When carrying out a natural stone cleaning job, we follow these guidelines,

    * Job preparation

    * During the job

    * Completion of the job

    Job preparation.

    First of all we carry out a quote to let you know what the best method of cleaning will be. We will advise you on what stains we think will come out and what staining we think will be permanent. We will also inform you on the best final finish on the floor whether you require it impregnated, sealed or highly glossed.

    We then protect all the cupboards, doors, skirting boards and carpeting with protective plastics and tarpaulins.

    If there are any loose tiles or grouting work that needs to be carried out, we will get a tiler we wok closely with to come out and fix the area before any cleaning can take place.

    During the job

    During the job we get rid of all the loose dirt by using brushes and vacuums. We then clean the area using hand brushes and machine brushes with our cleaning solution, paying close attention to any staining as we go. We then use another piece of machinery to rinse and extract away all the dirty water. We can do the cleaning process sometimes 2-3 times. We then remove all the protective plastic sheeting and tarpaulins that we have put done and we clean up if needs be.

    We will then treat the floor with what ever finishing treatment you require.

    Job completion

    On completion of the job we will advise you on the best maintenance plan for your flooring to keep it in pristine condition all year round, we leave you with a bottle of cleaning maintenance solution and an application flat mop.

    We do offer a free demonstrations of our natural stone cleaning services. This will include cleaning an area of your dirtiest stone surface, so you can see the results we can get for you.

    Please visit us at Plymouth Stone Care



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